What relic, from all of history, would you most like to see?

The Science Museum of Minnesota opened its exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls over the weekend. Other recent exhibits have featured artifacts from the Titanic and Pompeii. Today’s Question: What relic, from all of history, would you most like to see?

  • Neil Sorensen

    Noah’s Ark

  • bsimon

    The library at Alexandria.

  • Mark

    I would like to see about half of my $28 back!

  • JBlilie

    The original manuscript of Epicurus’s On Nature.

    There are no copies and it was a treatise by an ancient who had real scientific ideas.

    Either that or the original of Galileo’s Siderius Nuncius.

  • Debra Licata

    The “Box” (Um “Raiders of the Lost Ark” comes to mind, but not good enough) containing the ten commandments and other artifacts!

  • jessica Sundheim

    I am actually quite excited to see the Scrolls. As a student who is hoping to be a pastor, I cannot imagaine an historic relic that would have more meaning in my life. I hope to get to the exhibit on April 15 for Dr. Eileen Schuller’s lecture on “Women in the Dead Sea Scrolls”.

    I recently choked up a little just hearing an interview with a Biblical scholar who was seeing the Scrolls for the first time (especially when he talked about the Book of Isaiah). I could hear his voice waver at the sight of the text and I admired his ability to hold it together and give an interview at the same time. I have the feeling that seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls will be an incredible, once in a lifetime, experience.

  • http://www.skyseastone.net/jvstin/ Paul

    The question is a good one that I will have to retransmit to others via my blog.

    With so many choices from history, and given my taste for Ancient Rome, I would love to see the relics and excavations of Pompeii–in the flesh. I saw the exhibit at the SMM when it passed through here, and I have friends who have been to Pompeii. One day, I want to see them for myself.

  • beryl John-Knudson

    Being there when war and injustice began:

    I would like to meet the first human who stood on a hill with his spear raised high and raised that weapon for the first time not for food for survival, nor for war to protect himself from established enemies…but that moment when he was on the brink , ready to take the first step to use his spear for the first time essentially to destroy the survival of others ; neither as a reasonable nor rational act; but the beginning, roots of the unacceptable use of war… war as exploitation… thus denying his own humaness…I would have liked to have been there to at least to ask him WHY?…

  • Al

    For the prices they charge at the Sceince Museum of Minnesota – I can’t think of any relic I would like them to bring in. I’m getting really tired of the SMM bringing in travelling exhibits at ridiculous prices, even for members. This takes up the changable exhibit space so members are left with the same exhibits in the rest of the museum for many months at a time. Even with a membership, it would cost our family $40-$50 beyond the price of membership to see this exhibit. Non-member prices are even higher and you need to purchase admission to the rest of the museum.

    I commented on this to the SMM the first time they brought in a high additional cost exhibit. They said that it was a rare case. How rare is it? These high priced exhibits have become an every-other-exhibit event. The SMM has increasingly taken on a money making focus rather that an affordable educational focus.

  • JackU

    Extending from JBlilie’s comment: I’d like to see the telescope that Galileo used when writing Siderius Nuncius.

    In the same vain I’d love to see Tycho’s famous Mural Arc (or Mural Quadrant) that was used to make many of the observations that Kepler used in his calculations.

    (I have seen the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit and it is impressive.)

  • Tony

    The American Dream, where one job is enough to support a middle-class family.

  • Jeff

    something that doesn’t cost $30 per person

  • Bryan

    I would like to see the acoustic guitar Woody Guthrie played with, “This machine kills facists” written across the the top. I’ve only seen a few photographs of it.

  • J

    1. Y’all want to whine about the cost, complain to “our slash and burn everything but meditation rooms for sex criminals” Gov. Not every museum has an endowment big enough to be free…

    2. To call the exhibit “money making” is also crazy, the insurance alone for this exhibit would be astronomical. I’ll bet the SMM is not even charging enough to break even for the show.

    3. To answer the actual question, I’d like to see the pyramids being built. It’s not really a relic, but it would be fun!

  • http://minnesota.publicradio.org/publicinsightjournalism/ comment sent to MPR

    Comments texted to MPR:

    The Ark of the Covenant! -Jon Marchand, Brooten

    I would like to see the first moon lander as it represents the first time man escaped the surley bonds of earth. -Mike, Savage

    Apollo lander. -Jim Phillips, New Hope


    The Ten Commandment tablets

    The shroud of Turin

  • Joe

    Dick Clark

  • http://www.dustcult.net Cory


  • James

    The Alamo

  • Anonymous

    The ancient library at Alexandria.

  • Tyler

    flux capacitor

  • Kathy Bowne

    I would like to see the Shroud of Turin

  • Kirsten

    the pipe organ on which Bach composed most of his organ pieces

  • Steven

    Voyager 1 (currently the most distant man-made object in the universe). It would be terrific if we ever developed space-travel technology capable of catching up to it.

  • Ted C

    To poster who wrote:

    “Being there when war and injustice began”.

    Well there is a “relic” that was written thousands and thousands of years ago and even though I called it a relic, it’s as accurate and relevant today as the day it was written. It’s likely you don’t believe in what the Bible says, so why bother ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer.

  • http://tcviolin.com Jim Plattes

    Paganini’s violin is stored in Italy, in a museum. I would like to hold it in my hands and play it…..

    It’s taken out once a year and played in a concert.

  • jessica Sundheim

    @Tony ~ you win! And to think that it was lost in our lifetime.