What moment from this year’s Winter Games will live in your memory?

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games conclude this weekend, after what the Olympic Committee’s president describes as “16 days of magic.” Today’s Question: What moment from this year’s Winter Games will live in your memory?

  • Garyf

    Besides the guy losing his life on the luge, I’m not really sure.

    The Olympics are getting harder and harder to watch because we don’t get to see as much competition anymore during prime time. Too much time spent with all the side stories and not enough time spent watching people fly down the hill or do the luge.

    I do think it’s funny that we have all these new events so that USA and Canadian teams can win more medals. I keep telling my son, if its in the X games, its not a real sport. If there isn’t at least one person from Austria winning a medal, its not a real skiing sport. If there isn’t guys named Franz, Andre, Igor, and Bjorn, it’s really not a skiing sport.

    WWJMcK say? What would Jim McKay say?

  • EAL

    The sport of curling. The skill, the concentration, the teamwork, and the chess play is incredibly competitive and under-appreciated.

  • Jack Goldman

    I will remember the tragic waste of resources in a sports cult globalism gone wild. What a waste of money. The winners of gold medals get a million dollars in endorsements. The Olympics are a political ploy. Sadly the global agenda never ends. I would like to see the olympics go away and have people do real work that benefits people. The entertainment cult is out of control. We need more real jobs and fewer fake entertainment jobs. Sorry sports buffs.

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    I will remember Shaun White crushing the competition and pulling off the best trick of all time on his victory run. -Matt, Brainerd

  • Clarence

    The amazing goal tending by the U.S. and Canadian goalies in the women’s gold medal game!

    That and the great medal-winning performance of Joannie Rochette just days after losing her mother.

  • Harmon Bruner

    Lindsay Vonn, upon falling in a race, and being asked to comment on the fact that Julia Mancuso had earned a medal: “It’s just so different for her, there’s so much pressure on me.” Hmmm, was the question about you?

  • SRS

    Lindsay Vonn after she won the gold: crying, laughing, hugging, completely overwhelmed. Reminds me of times of euphoria in my own life. It was great to see!

  • Dianne

    As of Saturday morning, it is the amazing gold medal curling match between Canada and Sweden.

  • jessica Sundheim

    I don’t have time for sports, so I didn’t watch the games. My husband watched enough for the two of us combined. However, I was at a restaurant last night and was startled to see, out of the corner of my eye, what looked like a burning tee-pee. I was even more shocked to turn and see people in red and white dancing under it! My husband and I couldn’t figure out what else it could be and couldn’t get it out of our heads. I was quite repulsed by the scene.