What’s left on your summer to-do list?

The State Fair closes on Monday and students will soon be heading back to school. What haven’t you accomplished this summer that you set out to do? What’s left on your summer to-do list?

  • Tim Nelson

    Sieve and spread compost from the formerly car-sized pile. Paint a portion of the house exterior. Water more now than any time of year.

    Anything that an unemployed person can do for free with already purchased materials.

  • David

    Reclaiming what’s left of the summer after having the remodeling the kitchen in our home. But unfortunately the health of the matriarch of my family has deteriorated, so the rest of the summer may be focused on efforts to aide her.

  • Alec

    I need to get ready for school, learn how to get my new house ready for winter and do it, grow a Fu Manchu, and mentally prepare for Minnesota fall and winter.

    Oh, and lastly, I need to just enjoy what’s left of summer.

  • Emily

    In the interim between my 2 years of grad school, I promised myself that I would read as many non-academic books as humanly possible…maybe there’s still time for one more?

  • Stephanie

    Spending an entire day at the beach , frequenting the farmers markets before they close for the season, and finishing that giant box of popsicles in my freezer.

  • Brad Spear

    I wanted to get my 1972 Volkswagen Bus, a Westfalia Campmobile, back on the road. I’m close but it hasn’t happened yet.

  • Marilyn

    After a chilly, rainy, windy summer here (up north) it’s time to take advantage of any sunny summer September day…like this one…to sit on the dock!

  • Al

    Finish the treehouse!

  • http://www.myspace.com/joeadamsmusic Joe

    Why must you remind me that I have to begin my first year of teaching on Tuesday!?

    Please, let this summer never end!

  • Lindsey

    What’s left on my summer to-do list? I have to move! Thankfully before 30 below temps come. Also, wrap up the sailboat for winter, buy some new indoor volleyball shoes (yay no more sandy clothes) and last but not least: the annual family hike through Lutsen to admire the leaves and reminents of the summer!