“In New Hampshire, the night after the Iowa caucuses, it was hard not to feel the ‘Marco-mentum.’

“Florida Sen. Marco Rubio stood on a stage in Exeter surrounded by more than 700 rowdy supporters, who filled the picturesque town hall to the brink,” reports NPR.

Rubio is framing himself as a candidate uniquely qualified to both unite Republican voters, and reach out to lower-income and minority communities that have delivered reliably Democratic votes in recent decades.

Today’s Question: Is Marco Rubio the most electable Republican running for president?

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“Donald Trump thought he could upend Iowa caucus traditions. The gamble didn’t pay off,” writes NPR’s Jessica Taylor.

Hillary Clinton hoped she could wipe away her campaign nightmares of eight years ago by posting a solid win over an insurgent Bernie Sanders.

Instead, her margin of victory over Sanders was vanishingly small.

Those were just some of the surprise twists from Monday night’s results.

Today’s Question: What do you think of the Iowa caucus results?

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Valentine’s Day is the first that will pass without notice at Bruce Vento Elementary; principal cites how “the dominant view will suppress someone else’s view,” reports the Star Tribune.

School board policy regarding holidays, last revised in 2008, says that schools “shall discourage lavish programs and festivities arranged to celebrate holidays and other special days, and shall strive to eliminate them, if possible except where such observances are required by law (Washington’s Birthday, Lincoln’s Birthday, Martin Luther King’s Birthday, and Veterans Day.)”

Vento will also stop celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween.

Today’s Question: Should public schools celebrate holidays?

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