Art Hounds: Julie Buffalohead, Lazerbeak, and the world’s oldest story

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This week’s hounds look at unsettling art about childhood nostalgia, listen to new beats and rhymes from a Doomtree DJ, and soak up the oldest story in the world at the Southern.

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meganlewis.jpgUniversity of Minnesota theater and video professor Megan Lewis took her theater class to see Theatre Novi Most’s “The Oldest Story in the World” at the Southern Theater, and they were enthralled. Megan calls this re-telling of the ancient epic of Gilgamesh, one of the hottest, sexiest productions she’s experienced in a while. You have until this Sunday, October 3, to see it.

willlager.jpgWill Lager says Julie Buffalohead‘s latest paintings at the Bockley Gallery in Minneapolis put him back in touch with his formative years in a somewhat unnerving way. Will, who serves as information and membership manager for High Point Center for Printmaking, says Buffalohead’s use of iconic childhood images, such as Snoopy and a Tonka Truck, alongside fantastical forest creatures is funny and slightly dark at the same time. Buffalohead’s work hangs on the Bockley walls through Oct. 16.

alielabaddy.JPGEgypto Knuckles, aka Ali Elabbady, has high praise for the latest record from the Doomtree Crew. “Legend Recognize Legend” is the debut release from behind the scenes player and Doomtree producer Laserbeak. Egypto says Lazerbeak, who’s actually Aaron Mader, former guitarist for the now defunct Minneapolis indie band “The Plastic Constellations,” combines rock melodies and sensibilities with hip hop beats to create a fresh sound.

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