No Movies and Music in Loring Park this summer

The Walker Art Center’s longstanding film series is “on hiatus” this summer, according to an e-mail sent out by a Walker staffer.

The event – which featured live bands followed by classic movies – has been cancelled, according to the e-mail, “due to the density of programming being organized by the Walker.”

No mention was made of when (or if) the film series would be reinstated.

The Walker Art Center’s line-up live events this summer includes a free concert featuring Tapes ‘N Tapes and Total Babe on July 11,’s Field Day on August 19, and a performance by tropical electronica chanteuse Juana Molina on June 26.

  • Joey

    🙁 x 10^6.

    Unless they went back in time and brought back the version of Tapes ‘n Tapes that recorded The Loon, these concerts can’t compare to last summer’s Paul Newman series. I was really looking forward to this.

  • Perry

    Noooo! I loved music and movies! That was a highlight of summer!!!!!!

  • Sam

    That’s incredibly sad, Music n’ Movies was one of my favorite things about the cities!

    Any efforts out there to make this happen anyways?

  • Amy

    Noooooo! This is the first summer in six years that I won’t be gone for almost the entirety of June through August, and I was SO looking forward to getting to see movies in the park! I’m so bummed!!!

  • Anton

    What a disappointment – movies and music in the park was one of my favorite events of the summer.

  • KP

    What is the one Walker event that all MPLSers look forward to every summer?? Movies and Music in the Park. What is the one event that is being put “on hiatus”??? MOVIES AND MUSIC IN THE PARK!!

    This is terrible news.

  • Steven

    In light of this news, it seems my Walker membership is also “on hiatus.”

  • Joe

    How disappointing…I was just looking to see when it was going to start again. I really hope they change their mind…there isn’t a better event to bring the community together (and to involve them in the art community).

  • Becky

    I realize we can’t complain about free events being canceled, but I notice that the ‘density’ of the programming crowding this out consists of events with an admission price. That’s fine. So, just start collecting donations for the music/movie to cover the cost of setting it up. This is a major blow to the Uptown/Downtown community! Boo.