Scene from “Ububu” by Janaki Ranpura (Photo credit: Bruce Silcox)
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This week, the emotional pull of puppetry in a Minneapolis garage, a revered Minnesota choreographer’s vision of hell, and the astonishing photographs of Vivian Maier.

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lisa arnoldMinneapolis mosaicist Lisa Arnold explains why the photographs of Vivian Maier, a mid-20th century amateur artist whose voluminous body of work was discovered just two years before she died, have turned the art world upside down. The Minneapolis Photo Center has established a permanent gallery of her work called “Vivian Maier is Here to Stay.”

klaraTwin Cities artist representative Klara Wagnild’s love for ballet was fueled by James Sewell Ballet company’s visits to her hometown of Fergus Falls when she was growing up. Klara’s anticipation is building to see Sewell’s newest work, “Inferno,” inspired by Dante’s “Divine Comedy.” At the Cowles Center, April 25 – May 4.

Grotesquely beautiful puppets, puppets and actors exchanging roles, and the absurdist humor of “Ububu,” made for a delightful evening of theater for Soap Factory rental coordinator Shelby Thomason. “Ububu” is being performed in creator Janaki Ranpura’s garage through May 3.

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Izzy’s, the Twin Cities ice cream chain, is marking National Poetry Month by hosting a “Haiku Hiring Party.”

Its goal is to hire 25 new employees who can start working in May, just as orders for cones and cups start to surge.

Have you got what it takes to scoop ice cream at Izzy’s? And how are your poetry skills?
(Photo courtesy Izzy’s)

Interested applicants are asked to submit an entry “in the form of an original haiku, other short poem, visual collage” or even an original sound/music clip.

Submissions should be sent to before 6 p.m. on April 25.

According to a press release, “once their submission has been received, applicants will receive a special set of instructions to a hiring party [this Friday], where they will play games, enjoy free food, and can start the next step of the hiring process.”

Hmm,  does this job come with health benefits?


Osmo Vanska conducting the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra at a Symphonic Adventures concert at Minneapolis South High School on April 16th 2014. (MPR photo/Euan Kerr)

While remaining tight-lipped about negotiations over a possible return to the Minnesota Orchestra, former Music Director Osmo Vanska has told the Washington Post a little about the showdown which led to his resignation.

In an article published today in advance of Vanska’s appearance with the National Symphony Orchestra this weekend, Vanska reveals  how he tried to bring management and musicians together after the lockout began Oct. 1, 2012.

Reporter  writes:  He made an open appeal to both sides only a few weeks into the lockout, imploring them to “do what it takes, find a way, talk together, listen to each other and come to a resolution of this dreadful situation.” When that yielded no results, he tried again in April, saying that if the orchestra couldn’t reach an agreement by the time they needed to start rehearsals for their scheduled Carnegie Hall appearance in November 2013, he would resign.

He didn’t think things would go that far. “When I wrote those letters,” he said last week, speaking by phone from a hotel in the Netherlands, “I wanted to give a pressure so that they could make an agreement.” He added, “I was very surprised that they, that the board allowed [the resignation] to happen.”

And hurt? “Oh, yeah,” he said quietly. “Of course.”

On Wednesday Vanska confirmed he is still talking with the Minnesota Orchestral Association about a possible future in Minnesota, but wouldn’t say more. Musicians and audience members have said Vanska is the only person who could quickly re-establish the public confidence in the organization, and nurse it back to its former excellence. However some board members are reportedly upset at Vanska’s actions during the dispute and discussions over what many fans see as a no-brainer decision have dragged on for weeks.

Vanska is next scheduled to conduct the Minnesota Orchestra on May 2 at a concert in the newly renovated Northrop Auditorium at the University of Minnesota.

When the 2014 Pulitzers were announced on Monday, we took note that University of Minnesota alum Kevin Siers, of The Charlotte Observer, won the editorial cartooning award. But there’s another connection to Minnesota among the recipients. The prize-winning poetry collection “3 Sections” by Vijay Seshadri was published by Minneapolis-based Graywolf Press. As we noted previously, Read more