The Metrodome’s final months, in animated GIFs

We all know that the Metrodome’s biggest tenants were the Vikings and Twins — and even the Timberwolves for a season. But it also housed monster truck rallies, rollerbladers and other events over its 32-year lifetime. MPR News photographer Amanda Snyder visited the ‘dome for a few of its final events.

Vikings fans celebrate the first touchdown against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 1, 2013. Adrian Peterson went on to reach 10,000 career rushing yards in his first seven seasons with the Vikings. Amanda Snyder / MPR News Vikings fan Connie Mendez of Mendota gets the Norseman painted on her face before the game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 1, 2013. The Norseman has been the face of the Vikings since the team’s beginning in 1961. Amanda Snyder / MPR News Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders preform before the kickoff against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 1, 2013. When not performing at the games, the 35 member team attends parades, charity events and schools. Amanda Snyder / MPR News A Metrodome employee pours a beer for a customer at the Metrodome on Sunday, October 31, 2013. Amanda Snyder / MPR News RollerDome employee Lynn Sangrene counts money for tickets on October 30, 2013. “Oh man, have I learned to add,” Sangrene says about her ticket stub job for the last 20 years. Since starting in 1990, RollerDome has seen millions of skaters come through. Amanda Snyder / MPR News RollerDome attendees Penny Skildum and Jodie Kelley take a break from rollerblading at the RollerDome on October 30, 2013. Both have skated there for over five years as a part of their physical fitness routine. Longtime skaters can expect to return to skating in 2016 at the new stadium. Amanda Snyder / MPR News A Monster Jam truck driver does a freestyle ride between performances on December 7, 2013. Longtime fans and truck drivers like Dennis Anderson and his truck, the Gravedigger, said goodbye to the Metrodome at this last Monster Jam. Anderson and his truck have been a part of the truck rallies for over 22 years. Amanda Snyder / MPR News
  • mcarland

    Go to YouTube and search for ‘MetroDome flying’.

  • Chris Rathbun

    the thing that SHOULD have happened was to see a Superbowl ring/win from the Vikings in the last 30 years, but sadly they couldn’t produce one. Let’s hope the outdoor stadium will invoke the days of the Purple People Eaters and the tough Vikings… not these climate-controlled Vikings who have done worse since the dome opened in 1982.

    • heirloomtomato

      It’s not an outdoor stadium. It is a stadium with a partially retractable roof.

      • el jefe

        wow, quite the informed bunch we have here…

        • heirloomtomato

          Are you high? The guy is “hoping” so he is referencing the future not the past. So he’s discussing the NEW stadium to be built which, last I checked, isn’t an entirely OUTDOOR stadium, it has a sunroof or some bs.

          Why would someone be referencing a stadium from 40 years ago that was demolished a long time ago?

      • Chris Rathbun

        tomato, I think you misunderstood. I was talking about the TCF stadium that the Vikings will be playing in the next few years. I hope it toughens up the Vikings to what they were back in the sixties when they played outside.

        I don’t know enough about the new stadium’s architecture, but I do know it was a waste of money and a hand out to millionaires and the NFL by people who barely earn a fraction of what the Viking’s owner and the NFL take in each year.