The real meaning of diversity (beyond the Benetton ads) My personal background led me to question even the most basic assumptions, affording me the opportunity to examine history through a unique lens. And that is power of diversity — not that you are more colorful, but that you look at things differently, that you can push academia further, challenge who gets to ask the questions and shape disciplines, and rewrite the very stories that make up our today. (The Washington Post)

Reining In Predatory Schools The for-profit college industry is pressuring the Obama administration to water down proposed new rules that would deny federal student aid to career training programs that saddle students with crippling debt while giving them useless credentials. (The New York Times)

State among the worst in awarding degrees to Hispanics may surprise you Gap with whites is narrowing, but some regions lag, new study finds. (The Hechinger Report)

NYU gave president’s aspiring actor son apartment on campus Jed Sexton, whose sole affiliation with NYU was his status as the president’s son, for years enjoyed a spacious faculty apartment while the university experienced a “severe” housing shortage. (New York Post via University Business)

Claire McCaskill To Quiz Colleges On How They Handle Sexual Assault Cases The Missouri senator says the survey will provide “an unprecedented look into exactly how our colleges and universities act — or sometimes, fail to act — to protect students, and bring perpetrators to justice.” (BuzzFeed via NAICU)

Virginia Tech pays fine for failure to warn campus during 2007 mass shooting Virginia Tech has paid $32,500 to satisfy federal fines lodged by the U.S. Department of Education, which charged that the university did not adequately warn its campus community at the beginning of a 2007 rampage that became one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history. (The Washington Post)

Pitzer College selling fossil fuel stocks in environmental move The liberal arts school in California has joined the vanguard of U.S. campuses deciding to sell off its investments in fossil fuel companies as a statement of concern about global warming. (Los Angeles Times)

Fault Lines Appear at Northwestern Over Union Vote  The imminent vote by scholarship football players at Northwestern on whether to certify a union has students, professors and athletes in other sports choosing sides. (The New York Times)

Ball State University to weed out lazy profs Chronic low performers will be told to shape up or ship out. (The Star Press via University Business)

Is college worth it? Too many degrees are a waste of money. The return on higher education would be much better if college were cheaper. (The Economist via NAICU)

Despite the National Labor Relations Board Ruling, We Might Never Pay College Athletes Colleges could avoid having to worry about unions at all by just not offering scholarships to students. (Washington Monthly) ‘Dean of the College Media Business’ to Student Journalists: Stop Dropping Print! Don’t abandon it — at least not yet. And mess around Read more

Should There Be Gainful Employment for College Athletes? Colleges aren’t penalized for athletes who leave without a degree, as long as they stay eligible while competing. This measure is likely more reasonable for athletes who leave for the professional ranks, but this excludes students who exhaust their eligibility and do not become professionals. The current system Read more

Following last night’s Dinkytown hockey mayhem, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler is sending this warning to students ahead of Saturday’s championship match against Union College: Let  me  be  clear:  Just  being  present  and  watching  a  riot  is,  in  itself,  a  violation  of  the  Student  Conduct  Code.  Bystanders  are  equally  at  risk  of  being  held Read more

One unconventional factor to consider when choosing a college: career services It’s a factor that students may want to start considering at a time when graduating from college with good grades may no longer be enough to get a job. (The Washington Post) Community Colleges Increasingly Adding Bachelor’s Degrees Critics and supporters of the trend say alternately that Read more