It was surprising that a journalistically conservative news organization like the Associated Press would make the announcement it made Monday night, but it counted the noses, had the data, and reported what it knew. The superdelegates in the Clinton camp aren’t bound — as normal delegates are — but the reality is at this stage of the game, they weren’t going to change their minds. Nonetheless, it felt like it was at least on the edges of ‘hey, close enough’ journalism. Read more

NPR again pushed back today against an Associated Press story last week that strongly suggested a pro-peace, anti-nuke group in favor of the Iran nuclear treaty gained influence in NPR reporting through a grant to the news organization.

The Ploughshares Fund gave NPR $100,000 last year to fund its coverage of the treaty negotiations and subsequent deal. Read more

You wouldn’t know it by the journalism he’s been turning in, but Minnesota Public Radio reporter MPR reporter Mukhtar Ibrahim has had a challenge other reporters haven’t faced at the trial of three Somali men accused of trying to join the ISIS terror group in Syria. Ibrahim, who is Somali-American, has been singled out for different treatment than his white colleagues. Read more