For people who don’t have cable TV, or who want to watch baseball games online even if they do, few rules were as frustrating as Major League Baseball’s blackout of local teams.

Fans could drop $120 for MLB’s streaming package, but if you tried to watch the Twins anywhere near the Twin Cities, the games were black out. It was a nod to Fox, which owns the local TV rights to half of MLB’s teams. It was a great deal if you followed out-of-market teams, but not so much if you were like most fans. Read more

There are few sports stories around these parts better than Minneapolis North’s football team’s march to the state championship game, which the squad lost over the weekend.

The school was on the verge of being closed a few years ago, but the community saved it and the football team turned its fortunes around.

Then a player wiped all of that away with one stupid moment. Read more