Who’d want to burn down a Little Library?

The Minneapolis Police Department is looking for some help to find the likely illiterate who did this:

Photo: Minneapolis Police Department.

Someone torched the Little Library on Minnehaha Avenue on Sunday, according to a post on the MPD Facebook page.

Photo: Minneapolis Police Department.

It takes a lot of hate to burn a book.

  • Jack

    Amazing – there are many countries where residents would be thrilled to have such a luxury. When caught, the arsonist should be required to build X number of Little Free Libraries as part of his/her sentence. Somehow doubting that it will be a “her” though.

  • MrE85

    My wife said she would like to be the judge that this suspect has to face.

  • Gary F

    Minneapolis? Maybe it was full of authors the intolerant left wouldn’t approve of: George Orwell, Ayan Rand, Fredriich Hayek, Adam Smith, Thomas Lott, Stephen Halbrook, Thomas Sowell, David Horowtiz, William Buckley, Anne Coulter, Michelle Malkin.

    Come to think of it, my St Paul neighborhood could use some diversity, I may need to build one.

    • David

      Gary – this site isn’t like other news comment sections. Not EVERY post traced back to politics.

      • Gary F

        OK, rural kids used to drive by mail boxes and smack them with baseball bats. Maybe this is what urban youth do for kicks.

    • Jerry

      I’m pretty sure exposing kids to Ayn Rand qualifies as child abuse. And since when does the left not like Orwell?

      • http://blogs.mprnews.org/newscut/ Bob Collins

        And this concludes the attempt to hijack the post to have the same old conversation. Move on.

        • Jerry

          Sorry, point taken. So, how ’bout that Green line?

    • Joe

      George Orwell wasn’t as critical of socialism as you might think, read some of the other things he wrote.

  • http://www.fark.com/ Onan

    You know who else liked to burn books?

    • Kassie

      Hmmm, I’m not going to bite, but I do know that Republicans like to ban books.

      • Gary F

        I guess you haven’t been following the Common Core news very closely.

    • Joe

      Regina George!

  • http://boreal.org/ Danna MacKenzie

    I would like to donate towards rebuilding if the help is needed, including several new children’s books that were on their way to another little library.

    • Steve

      I think it would be wonderful if, as a community, we all chipped in to
      help the owner of this library rebuild or replace it. I haven’t
      consulted the owner of the LFL so I think we should all leave notes with
      our contributions letting her know what the money is for.
      I looked
      up the general location (43rd & Minnehaha) mentioned in the news
      article on the Little Free Library website map and found the
      street address where this LFL was located. It looks like it was a
      handsome little library and had a solar light on the top which lit up
      the inside at night.
      Here is the address of the library that was burned:

      4329 Minnehaha Ave.

      Minneapolis, MN 55406

      The Little Free Library website lists the owner as: Mary, Steward #8913