Inside fireworks

Joe Stiglingh, of West Palm Beach, sent his quadcopter and GoPro on a suicide mission in May. But he wanted to see what fireworks look like inside the fireworks that were being fired off in Miami.

The equipment survived, he found out, and now his video is tearing up the Internet. It’s being portrayed as being from July 4th celebrations, perhaps accounting for the insipid “why isn’t it playing American music?” But that’s a post for another day.

  • X.A. Smith

    The non-Americanness of the music didn’t occur to me, but I was somewhat disappointed that we don’t get to hear the fireworks themselves. It would be cool to see the raw, unedited footage. There are some really beautiful moments.

    • Bob Collins

      Yes, that’s the problem with quadcopters. They”re so noisy you can’t get any audio, so people throw music behind everything.

  • L. Foonimin

    curious as to why the concussion of the explosions doesn’t even make a slight quiver in the quad copter … are the gyros that good?

    • jon

      at around 2:25 there is one that makes the hole thing jump.

      I’d imagine it’s a combination of the stability of the quad copter, and anti-shake settings on the camera.

  • Jeff

    Can’t wait for the 3D version!