Nation shrugs at latest school shooting

Two people are dead, two students are critically injured in a school shooting at a middle school in Nevada today. The Reno Gazette Journal has video of students who said another student started the shooting by killing a teacher. The student eventually took his own life.

At one time, a school shooting would dominate the nation’s news cycle for days, but today it’s barely registering. It didn’t even make the home page of the New York Times website.


The Washington Post buried it near the bottom of its home page.


And CNN’s “breaking news” focused instead on a news conference that had happened three hours earlier.


  • MrE85

    I don’t know if I have any outrage left. Only sadness.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    I didn’t notice because I didn’t have Twitter open much and that’s where I get news. So blame everyone else.

  • Joe Duea

    Apathy has truly overtaken empathy in america…Sad, just very sad.

  • Fitzy

    A teacher sacrificing their life for their students? Yawn. It’s not like it raises standardized test scores or something important like that…

  • crossn81

    I happened to check Twitter shortly after this happened and several news outlets had tweeted about it, but I didn’t get anything from the mobile notifications I’ve set up for “Breaking News” It is sad that there wasn’t more about yet another tragedy in our schools.

  • dpsours

    Well, what are we supposed to do? It took 13 years to get the Brady Bill passed, and nothing meaningful has happened in terms of gun control in the subsequent 20 years. If Sandy Hook didn’t bring about change, nothing will. The NRA and the gun manufacturers have us beaten. Our government is for sale to the highest bidder.

  • John O.

    If this shooting had occurred in the northeastern U.S., I’m willing to bet that media reaction would have been far more significant.