A nice day for a shutdown wedding

After watching C-SPAN’s coverage of the House floor debates on Wednesday and Thursday, I spent much of yesterday in the hospital.

Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

It’s hard to find anything funny about what’s happening in Washington. What little sympathy that exists, exists for those visiting monuments in the Washington area.

Washington has a hard time understanding America if a little of it doesn’t occasionally leak into Washington.

Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le were to be married on Saturday at the Jefferson Memorial, but with the memorial closed, they faced a lifetime of apparent loneliness.

So last night’s, Stephen Colbert stepped in, even arranging the out-of-work Smokey the Bear to be best man.

Sure, it’s not the serious impact the tea party had hoped to inflict on the country, but maybe a little laughter will keep you out of the hospital.

Assuming you have access to health care, of course.

On the other hand, if you want to risk it, here’s the shutdown “in 10 infuriating sentences.”

  • lrclrc

    Colbert is the best!

  • Chris Nelson

    Hope everything is okay, Bob. If I’m typical of your readers, there was a lot of fruitless page-refreshes yesterday. Hope that made a little money for MPR!

  • dpsours

    From the Mother Jones piece: “This whole dispute is about the Republican Party fighting to make sure the working poor don’t have access to affordable health care.”
    Somehow I don’t think that’s their motive, although it may be a side effect and they don’t care. What is their motive? Anyone?

  • Chuck

    I had hoped you were on special assignment or other fun activity. Hope all is well, Bob. Like Chris I made many vain page refreshes yesterday. Glad to have you back.

  • Jim G

    Bob, thank you for letting your readers know a little of what happened to you. I knew that you wouldn’t leave us voluntarily during the shutdown without a very good reason. I also was hanging about the MPR site hitting the refresh button. I told my wife that something must have happened to Bob. I imagined you being sacked for printing the truth! Really, it’s good to see a post from you again. I loved “in ten infuriating sentences.”
    Now, listen to what the Doc says, but more importantly, do what your wife tells you to do.

  • http://blogs.mprnews.org/newscut/ Bob Collins

    Thanks for the nice comments. I have Meniere’s disease, an inner ear affliction (it’s what kept Alan Shepard out of space) that destroys your vestibular system and your ability to keep the room from spinning and to remain upright. An attack usually lasts a day; this one has gone on for five. So we’re not sure how to put the fire out. Yet.

    We do know my airplane flying days are over.

  • dpsours

    Wow, Bob, that’s a real shame! I know much flying means to you, and how excited you were to complete your plane. I’m sure you’re discouraged, but hang in there; it’ll get better.

  • tboom

    Sorry to hear the news about your health. As dpsours says, all your regular readers know how much flying means to you. Things probably don’t seem very bright right now, but dreams die hard. As your health stabilizes and improves, perhaps you will discover new ways to pursue flying. My thoughts are with you.

  • Beth-Ann Bloom

    Sorry for the extra spin in your world. As a fellow sufferer I can empathize. Remember-we save a lot of money from not needing to patronize amusement parks to get our thrills!