Does the mail always need to go through?

The stories out of Colorado over the weekend have been gut-wrenching; this CBS story this morning particularly so. A young man named Wesley Quinlan was swept to his death, but not before helping to save his friends.

“Wesley just grabbed each of us and looked in our faces and just said, ‘We have to get out of this car.’ … And me and Wesley and Wiyanna all were sort of shimmying along the side of the car and before I knew it all of our feet were swept out from under us and we started travelling in different directions,” his girlfriend said.

The images have been horrific.

So why is this the one that I can’t get out of my mind?

AP Photo/The Colorado Springs Gazette, Michael Ciaglo

It’s a testament to the good intentions of mail carriers, but in this case the home was surrounded on three sides by the flooding Cheyenne Creek in Colorado Springs.

Would holding the mail for a day be OK?

This carrier doesn’t think so.

AP Photo
  • Greg W

    I saw that picture in the Strib yesterday and I thought the same thing. Take the day off and do something else. Nobody’s going to check the mailbox in this situation. Plus, it may get swept away. But, I guess there’s some solace in consistency.

  • davidz

    There is nothing in the US mail that is so important that the carrier should be risking life or limb in order to deliver it. Since rain, sleet, snow and darkness of night are not in and of themselves life threatening, it’s nice when the carriers do make their appointed rounds. But no one wants to be involved if one of these carriers were to be injured (or worse yet, killed) when delivering Yet Another Catalog.

    And when someone comes back to the house in the second photo, is checking the mail going to be high on their priority list? Hold the mail at the local post office, as it will be far safer there than in a mailbox in a flood zone.

    If the carriers want to help search & rescue efforts, based on their knowledge of who is usually around, that’s fabulous. But leave the letter bag at the office, along with the mail.

  • Bob Collins

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