Ask the news boss

On Sunday (12-1 p.m.), I’ll be hosting a Q&A at the MPR booth at the State Fair with Chris Worthington, the managing director of regional news at Minnesota Public Radio.

To my knowledge, the event is not being broadcast, you can’t call in with a question.

If you’re not going to the Fair on Sunday, I’d still like to hear — and ask — your question. Just write it below.

  • Nancy Lee

    Why does MPR air “The Takeaway” but not “Hear and Now”

  • Jim (in Maplewood)

    What’s going to happen to programming when ‘the Story’ goes away?

  • John O.

    With the current popularity of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. being used by professionally-trained journalists alongside “citizen-journalists,” how (and where) do you see “traditional” media fitting into the present–and the future?

  • MrE85

    MPR has one of the largest news staffs of any media outlet in the state. Explain how the size and geographic distribution of the news staff shapes the content of the news on MPR.

  • tboom

    Over 20 years ago I was attracted to MPR by its longform journalism. Over that period I’ve seen an erosion of longform, can I expect a continued reduction of MPR’s commitment to longform?

  • Craig

    The Newscut blog recently covered the critique of a dodgy statistic offered in a National Public Radio story about Indian kids in South Dakota. How do you validate statistics cited in MPR produced stories?

    I think MPR does more careful and analytical reporting than NPR. Do MPR and NPR ever collaborate on stories, and if so, has there ever been friction over standards?

  • John O.

    So how did the interview go?

    • Bob Collins

      It was a good conversation before a small and largely disinterested audience.

      • MrE85

        It’s hard to do a talk at the Fair. I think the last speaker to draw a decent crowd was vice president Teddy Roosevelt, and he had to threaten people with a big stick.