An island too far

I checked in briefly via Twitter last evening with our friend Daniel Alvarez, the man who kayaked from Minnesota’s Northwest Angle to Key West, then decided to spend this summer kayaking back to Minnesota by a different route. He’s made it to Lake Champlain, between Vermont and New York.

Sunset on Lake Champlain. Photo: Daniel Alvarez

Last month, I mentioned Daniel had made it up the Atlantic seaboard to Manhattan.

He writes his blog, Predictably Lost, daily, but the daily diary has a two week lag (security reasons, I think), so we had no idea of his harrowing journey into New York until today, when he posted, perhaps, the most breathtaking blog post you’ll read today.

  • Bonnie

    If I could write, I honestly think I could just about outdo this tale of terror from an experience in the boundary waters years ago that involved a small girl, a dog, a brave brother and his young wife and a lot of bad language. Thanks for continuing to remind me to read Daniel’s stuff.

  • Bob Collins

    Bonnie, I’ve got a hunch you CAN write and I’d love to print it. Need me to play editor? I’m all in. But send me the story!