Mary and Bob (6/17/13)

Snowden’s “honor” from Dick Cheny, Texas and South Dakota woo the gun manufacturers, the Stillwater Lift Bridge is all out of lift, the new astronaut from White Bear Lake.

Here’s the “it always goes smoothly” news conversation with Mary Lucia on The Current.

  1. Listen Mary Lucia and Bob Collins

    June 17, 2013

By the way, after we chatted about commencement speeches, Mary acknowledged she gave a commencement speech recently. Here it is (portions not suitable for the workplace). It was a great speech.

  • Ryan Coleman

    That was the greatest 78 seconds I’ve ever heard at the beginning of a segment!

    • Bob Collins

      I offered to sing a 27-minute song but I don’t think anybody heard the joke.

      • Ryan Coleman

        I’m just glad you didn’t slice it out of the file – I’ve had moments like that in my own production work… I’m sure I have 10 years of that type of thing.

  • andy

    Mary is the freaking best! Great speech….