The NewsCut Quiz

It’s been a long time since we’ve provided a NewsCut quiz. Here’s your reward for the wait:

  • Phillip

    6! Not bad for not paying attention to anything sports related…

  • Skyler

    8 out of 10. I read everyday and am thoroughly upset with myself.

  • Jason

    9 out of 10. But I have no desire to fill in, it’s just not the same without Bob!

  • Matt B

    5. That was disappointing. Have to read closer next week.

  • Beth-Ann

    10/10 true geek!

  • BJ

    Woot 9/10

    Gophers basketball question only one 1 got wrong,

  • Snyder

    6 of 10. Guess I need to pay closer attention.

  • JackU

    6 out of 10. Must be out of practice. We need the quiz more often. 8^)

  • Cara

    8. But I had to use 3 hints , so I suppose it’s really 5.

  • Kat

    7/10. Out of practice over here, too.

  • andy

    6/10. Whew, I’m rusty.

  • vjacobsen

    6, but that was with no hints.

  • John

    One of my better performances–8 out of 10 with no hints.

  • Mary

    7/10. Not bad considering I live in CA and don’t listen to MPR.

  • JL

    5 out of 10 – hope your bosses don’t take a page from the ed reform movement and pay you based on your test scores.

  • louis

    3 /10 Yea, well , I’m in hour 13 of my pre-physical fast this morning and obviously my stomach has taken the brain hostage. Or maybe the driver the other day was right after all and I am a moron.