A sign of spring: The 35E speed-limit bill

I was growing somewhat concerned earlier today when I noted that one year ago on this date, Republican lawmakers filed a bill to raise the speed limit on I-35E in Saint Paul from its current 45 mph.

No need to go into much background here. You just have to read the post I filed last year.

Instead, I was concerned the bill hadn’t made its annual appearance at the Capitol. There are traditions and history here: The crocuses bloom, the smoke turns white when a pope is elected, and the I-35E speed limit bill is filed at the Capitol.

Be concerned no more! The bill was filed today.

Subd. 5g. Interstate Highway 35E. The commissioner shall designate the maximum speed limit on marked Interstate Highway 35E in the city of St. Paul, from its intersection with West Seventh Street to its intersection with marked Interstate Highway 94, as 50 miles per hour. Any speed in excess of the speed designated in this subdivision is unlawful.

EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective on the date the commissioner erects appropriate signs designating the speed limit, which must occur on or before August


As history and tradition also dictates, it is doomed.

  • Tyler

    After reading last year’s comments, nobody caught on to a major theme: safety. What are the safety implications if the speed is left as is? More fender benders from driver’s not paying attention when the car ahead of them slows down? Or if it IS changed, are the roads built to sustain an SUV at 55? Or will it spin out on a curve if the surface is wet?

    Technical issues: ignored.

    (My 2 cents: it’s a speed trap gifted to the city of St. Paul.)

  • BJ

    Is this story institutional memory at work. love it.

  • Mach1

    Let this be a lesson for all,… never-ever let them build a parkway/(freeway) through your neighborhood.

    promises, promises, promises

  • http://jaymerton.wordpress.com/ Jack Boardman

    Same tired song. A 5mph increase will do little to speed-up transiting this short piece of freeway. Chill, folks, slow down, and enjoy the drive.

  • http://www.nathanhunstad.com/ Doctor Gonzo

    There is a reason it’s doomed: the current speed limit is the result of a settlement between MnDOT and the surrounding neighborhoods, and can’t be unilaterally changed by legislative fiat.

  • Bonnie

    I actually kind of like that stretch…it is sort of a “chill pill” stretch of road. I might be on my way to the airport and I need to just relax and remind myself that if I did forget something I can get it there and no, I did not leave the iron on or the front door open. Or, maybe I am heading out after work, and it gives me time to decide whether or not I want to stop off at Trader Joe’s to pick something up. Or- coming from the south – it gives me time to decide which way I am heading. Do I want to grab Ayd Mill? Should I head into downtown, and which exit do I want?

    I like it.

  • Tim

    Considering most people don’t drive 45 MPH on that stretch of road *now*, I don’t see what ill effects increasing the limit would bring, though I also know it is not going to happen.

  • JackU

    As someone who lives in the neighborhood, all I can say is I don’t want to see the speed limit increased because I live between the St Clair entrance and the shiny new Fire Station on West 7th St. We don’t need any more emergency calls.

    @Tim: I agree with you on the current speed in that stretch. At certain times of the day staying above 20 MPH is a difficult task.

  • chris h

    perhaps they should just combine it with the bill for Sunday liquor sales and save some time.

  • Kevin Watterson

    Driving the speed limit down 35E is the best free entertainment in town.

  • Mike

    They should also rid the vehicle weight restriction through downtown on 35E. Snelling ave and other residential streets aren’t made for semi truck traffic.