The scourge of public wedding proposals

Here’s my theory: The bigger public spectacle you make of your wedding proposal, the shorter your marriage.


Here’s the article in the Toronto Star with today’s front-page proposal. Any minute now we’ll find out whether she says “yes.”

Can’t wait.

Update 12:49 p.m. – She said “yes,” but now the best part of the story is she doesn’t subscribe to the paper.

  • MN123

    My sister used to work with couples planning to marry. Her comment was that too many of them were focused on getting marred rather than being married. The public proposals are a part of this….the current expectations being that the more creative the proposal makes for a better wedding “story”.

    I believe that often the more intimate and special the proposal, the better the marriage. After 33 years of marriage and no formal proposal (it was more of a joint decision), I’d say the proposal was irrelevant to the success of the marriage.

  • LDO

    Agreed. I also believe that the more expensive your wedding is, the shorter your marriage will be.

  • Cara

    The proposal is just a question. The wedding is just a day. The marriage, however, is a lifetime (hopefully).

  • Jim G

    I proposed to my wife during a snowstorm while walking around a lake. We were alone with only the darkness and snow as witnesses as we stopped on a bridge and I asked her to marry me. We still call it the Kissing Bridge. It’s supposed to snow this evening. Maybe it’s a good time for a walk.

  • jon

    I also proposed to my wife in the middle of a snow storm…

    There were however also ducks there to witness the event… The moment she said yes all of the ducks in the lake started quacking (we probably scared them as we jumped up and hugged each other, but I’d like to think that the they were celebrating)

    I’ve always suspected that the more public the proposal the more likely it is the guy is unsure if she’ll say yes… I theorize this because most public proposals end with her saying yes… she is under a lot of pressure to do so at that point… And if she is unsure and just pressured into it, the marriage will likely be short.

  • BJ

    Easter Sunday 1997 – At her parents cabin, morning walk down a dirt road.

  • John

    I proposed to my wife in one of the most unromantic ways possible–over the phone. But we have now been married for almost 23 years and I love her more now than I did then.