All she does is win

Where did Lindsay Whalen of the Minnesota Lynx go after the WNBA season ended here? Turkey, where her team won the Turkish Cup this week. That’s her with the assist on the game-winning basket.


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  • Robert Moffitt

    If the WNBA paid their players a decent salary, she wouldn’t have to play for foriegn teams. But our loss is Turkey’s gain.

  • louis

    decent salary? Can you name at least half of the WNBA’s teams? At least 5 current WNBA “stars”? How about their schudule? Nobody can. They are paid what they’re worth. Tennis anyone?

  • Sylvia

    There are a growing number of fans who can name the teams, players and dates they play. These hard working women are deserving of praise instead of Louis’ harsh sarcasm.