How to survive a mass shooting

A sad sign of the times: The (City of) Houston office of homeland security has distributed a video on how to survive a mass shooting…

  • Kassie

    That is one of the scariest and most disturbing videos I have every seen. Seriously, I’m not going to fight a dude with a gun with a fire extinguisher. I can’t believe they actually suggest that.

  • Mike

    I work for a branch of the MN state gov’t, and we were sent an email which pointed us to FEMA’s course “IS-907 – Active Shooter: What You Can Do”. I ignored it – I can’t spend precious life time and energy on this. There are better courses for us to take as a country then teaching us this info.

  • brian

    If it is the difference between getting shot just standing there or getting shot trying to hit the shooter with a fire extinguisher, I hope I would choose the latter. At least then you have the possibility of saving yourself or others, even if it is slim.

    Thanks for sharing this… I think it is something worth thinking about (even if we shouldn’t actually worry about it too much).

  • ce

    I’ll never forget sitting down to the table last fall and asking my newly-minted kindergartner what he’d done in school today.

    He beamed. “Mama! We did lockdown drills and learned how to protect ourselves from a shooter in the school!”

    How different a world he is inheriting than I did, a generation earlier.

  • Tyler

    I’m in the generation gap between “Duck and cover” and “Shoot lockdown” drills. I think we suffer from a deluge of information these days…

  • BJ

    @Tyler – me too. Tornado drills are all we had in school.

    My kids school was put on lock down 4 times this year, 2 times in one month. Love hearing that auto message on the answering machine when we get home.

  • G

    The purpose of the video is to help the public react to a situation that most average persons, for what ever reason insist will not happen. The average individual would not envision doing it themselves.

    The advice is solid for survival for individuals who do not have any idea of what any individual is capable of doing to someone else.

    The first reaction individuals who have not experience or seen real violence is to wonder what is going on and to investigate to see what is happening and when they find out what’s is going on it’s to late, they may also become the victim too.

    Follow your innate instinct, it will make you take a flight or fight reaction. Most individuals are not prepared to fight so take the flight avenue. When flight is not possible then FIGHT you may get lucky and win.

    My personal opinion is that I would prefer to attack back when flight is not possible. When the circumstance are equal I would attack back. Since I have no intention of being a victim.

    DO NOT BECOME A DEER STUCK IN THE HEADLIGHTS. Flight is best, to live another day.

  • anthony

    Is your job worth your life? CCW all the time.

  • Bob Evans

    Why wouldn’t anyone suggest arming yourself whenever and wherever possible …as opposed to using improvised weapons? While there’s no doubt that effective weapons are all around us (not the least of which is a common pen, though a fire extinguisher would create more distance), the best equalizer in an active shooter situation is a personal firearm.

    There are some municipalities who encourage rape victims to throw up on their assailant. Granted, in some small way, that’s at least doing something. But studies have shown that rapists do not appreciate armed victims, and even small (easily concealed) firearms are quite effective in preventing such victimization.

    Legal carry saves lives. Ironically, gun-free zones only advertize to criminals that people are woefully under-protected.

  • David

    Kassie, something is better than nothing.

    And seeing as how that building was a 30.06 (Ironic how the section in the law that prevents legal carry is also a calibre) you will not have a gun, if you do, you are breaking the law.

    And people who work there will not break the law.

    I’d rather use that than my bare hands.

    I agree with you Bob Evans.

  • Christy Kuppler

    A poster commented that “I’m not going to fight a dude with a gun with a fire extinguisher. I can’t believe they actually suggest that.” I beg to differ, Kassie. Anything can be used as a weapon to defend yourself. The fire extinguisher could be sprayed in the attackers eyes, and once temporarily blinded, smash the fire extinguisher into the middle of his face…aim to drive his nose up into his brain. If you want to live, you do whatever you have to do to protect yourself, and survive.