The curse of the enthusiastic family of graduates

By the time a school season ends, teachers and administration people must be suffering the effects of the long season. How else to explain some of the strange decisions that come at graduation time? The latest example comes from Cincinnati where a senior at Mt. Healthy High School was denied his diploma because his family cheered too loudly and too long when his name was called.

Anthony Cornist was given a letter from the principal stating he and/or his family needed to complete 20 hours of community service before he could receive his diploma.

“We had four families unfortunately, who were excessive, and we had to stop graduation,” school superintendent Lori Handler said. “”Had I not said to the people who were calling names, ‘Stop,’ the succeeding child’s name would not have been heard.”

Let’s go to the videotape:

(h/t: Mike Reszler)

  • Jeff

    How unbelievably stupid of the administrators!

  • Jim Shapiro

    Or perhaps they could have waited a few seconds until the cheering subsided before handing out the next diploma.

    If I wasn’t a pacifist,

    I would buy a ticket to Cincinnati, and Lori Handler and her fellow anal, control-freak administrators and school officials would soon be making and enforcing rules for those of her ilk ALREADY inhabiting hell.


  • John P.

    I get the administrators side of it. I sat through 3 large high school graduations. Hours of sitting through the band, the choir, administrator speeches, studemt speeches.

    All to hear your kids name announced. If the people before you are still raising a ruckus, you miss the moment. If administrators wait for each cheer, the ceremony gets even longer. It’s just impolite, especially when the administrators always ask the crowd to hold their cheering until the end.

  • Jim Shapiro

    John P – While I understand that you might regret having chosen ( or were you somehow forced) to attend three high school graduation ceremonies, perhaps a little perspective is in order:

    While you might have chosen to spend those valuable hours engaged in other activities,

    In Ohio, fewer than 50% of the black male population graduates from high school.

    Do you know what tends to happen in the lives of black males who don’t graduate from high school?

    So perhaps it’s OK for a proud family to be “impolite”, and ” raise a ruckus” for a few seconds.

    Or what the hell. Maybe we could be excessively compassionate and even allow a couple of extra minutes.

  • Xopher

    I understand admonishing anyone for lengthening an interminable ceremony. However, the student behaved. How can you punish the graduate for the actions of others?

    I would sue the school for my diploma, and get some people fired, if possible, if I were the graduate.

  • Charlie Quimby

    Even more disturbing: the kid can barely read the letter from the school.

  • Bob Collins

    I noticed that too. That’s what people should be pressing the principal and school superintendent on.