Saints cheated in playoff win over Vikings

We knew it!

In the franchise-changing NFL National Conference championship game in 2010, many thought the New Orleans Saints were playing dirty and out to injure people, particularly then-Vikings-QB Brett Favre. Now we know the truth. They were.

Today, the National Football League revealed results of an investigation into a “bounty program” the Saints had that paid players for injuring the competition.

It said between 22 and 27 defensive players and at least one assistant coach were involved and that the payouts to players reached a high of $50,000 during the playoffs that year.

There’s no word, yet, on how much the Saints players made for this critical hit.

(Update 5:07 p.m.) – Sports Illustrated’s Peter King says Favre was specifically targeted:

Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma offered any defensive teammate $10,000 in cash to knock then-Vikings quarterback Brett Favre out of the game. Favre was hit viciously several times in the game. That fact was in a report to the 32 NFL owners, sent out by the league to detail further what the league’s 50,000-page investigation found.

The investigation showed that Saints players received $1,500 for a “knockout” hit and $1,000 for a “cart-off” hit with payouts doubling or tripling during the team’s three playoff appearances, reported.

The Saints went on to win the Super Bowl that season.

  • Tyler

    Time for a name change, New Orleans? Perhaps “Mafia” would be better.

  • Aaron

    Those dirty bastards.

  • Jim Shapiro

    They should be stripped of the Super Bowl and forced to live in New Orleans.

  • Jeanne

    Wonderful lessons being taught to kids who play sports. Teach your children well.

  • Miguel


  • Jamie

    Yeah, I’m not much of a football watcher, but I happened to see some of those brutal attacks on Favre, and even I knew they were over the top. It’s doubly disgusting to find out that it was an orchestrated thing. They should indeed be stripped of their Super Bowl win.

  • jon

    Well I guess the only fair way to settle this is for the saints to pay for a new vikings stadium.

  • Xopher

    The Saints players received $83,000 bonuses for winning the Superbowl. They could start by fining them at least $83,000 each, and giving the money to fund the Vikings stadium. $2.2 million isn’t much, but every little bit counts. All the coaches (they all knew about it) should be banned from the NFL immediately.

  • Carolyn

    Dusgusting—I remember that game, well. My husband at that time told me,”that” specific game was the dirtiest, played game, he had ever watched. Hopefully, this time, the NFL will have the balls to do something about this unsportmanship behavior. Pun, intended.

  • Mike

    No surprises! It was downright criminal the way they went after Favre. If that had happened in the street it would have been an arrestable offense.

  • Carol

    Where were the officials during this game? Were they also paid off? It was pretty obvious during the game that the Saints (kind of an ironic name) were hitting more than necessary, but that the officials seemed to have their backs turned also. Was that issue included i the report?

  • Drae

    When winning is the only thing that’s important, this is the result.

    Sports, both professional and collegiate, need to take a good, hard look at themselves and decide if they stand for sportsmanship or the rewards that come with special interest influence.

    Why any parent should let their children idolize today’s athletes is beyond me.

  • drew sandberg

    I’d like to see specific names, but doubtful the NFL will have the guts to name names. Every player and coach involved should be sanctioned with meaningful fines. I would also like to see banishment from the league. That stuff ruined a magical season for so many people.

  • Marty

    It is time to file criminal charges against these guys as well. If this sort of thing had happened on the street, they would be charged. These guys are not that special.

  • Milt Lee

    I’m not a football fan, but I saw some of what happened and it was clear that these guys were very deliberate in their efforts to cripple this guy. I hope that this is not through out the game, but it might be a view of what is coming. I hope not.

  • Al

    It makes absolutely no difference unless the league ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Well, Roger G … what are you going to do? Fine the multimillionaires $50,000? Oh my, THAT’S really gonna hurt, huh? Send a REAL message and kick them out of football for a couple of years. Why not? The the Arena League could use a few more stars.

  • Dan Abrams

    The cheating may not have been limited to the cheap hits. Don’t forget about the officiating in overtime.

  • Audrey F

    Somehow this fails to surprise me.

  • God

    They should take that bs Super Bowl away from the Saints because they wouldn’t even have won this Vikings game if they hadn’t cheated. They cheated and this game was still close as hell. If they hadn’t cheated, they would have lost.

  • Tyler

    Shut up Viking fans! Either way you couldn’t stop them from attacking Favre. Do your job! You lost fair and square! HA HA HA

    This headline should say, “Saints played better in playoff win over Vikings”

    Maybe you’ll get your shot again when Rodgers “retires.” Man, Vikings suck!

  • doug

    That was the worst officiating I’ve seen, so much for protecting the qb comish, the vikings followed your rules and fans are still heart broken.

  • Kati

    The saints coaches that allowed this criminal intent should be banned from all sports for life. The Super Bowl win should be taken away.

  • Saints suck

    Saints are cheaters. Everyone of those 22-27 people get outa the league and kick the d fencive cord. Out indefinently. Saints if you thought you won fair in square you better watch out for the other 31 teams that are pissed at you specially the ones you played in playoffs with. You deserve another Katrina that’s what I’m praying for.

  • kay

    for all you hating ass people that are against the new orleans saints…let me just remind you that the Saints was not the only team in the NFL that was involved with the bounty scandal. if the NFL is just going to come down on the saints they need to come down on all the other 4 teams that was involved. ever since the saints won the Superbowl the NFL has been hating on us and changing all the rules… which is clearly showing that the NFL has something totally against the saints. and for all you people that are talking down about the city of New Orleans, if you haven’t been here and you don’t know what it’s like shut the hell up.

  • http://br549br549 Vic

    Three yrs after the fact and the Viqueers are still crying. It gives me a chubby to know that we are still having that effect on all of you. The Saints played a solid game and won. They went on to win a super bowl and the Viqueens went home to cry about those mean ol Saints. Now that “Bounty Gate” has become an issue, Viqueer fans are all excited as if it is going to change things. Ten yrs from now when you are still crying like the northern fags you are,the Saints still will have won and you guys will still be losers,and we will still be having this effect on you.Key word (still). After all this time we’re still winning that game. Are you mad? You better be!