Dispatches from the Postcard Underground

We never were able to make much progress in uncovering the brains behind the Postcard Underground after Gary Eichten’s retirement in January, when anonymous (except for first name) postcards started showing up every day.

We have found more examples, however. The Joint Religious Legislative Coalition, for example, got inundated last March. The organization, A Peace of My Mind, got them last summer.

The fact that the postcards arrive in bunches indicate an organized structure but how do they communicate and keep it such a secret?

“Sue” shared no secrets in her postcard which arrived today in response to a NewsCut post last month.


They are clever, these postcarders.

  • postcardlove

    So, Bob, do you care to join us?

  • Bob Collins

    Gee, I’m not sure yet. Tell me a little about yourselves.

  • Drae

    Hmm. Sending Bob random postcards sounds like a lot of fun. Perhaps a Neo-Postcard Underground, simply for the purposes of Bob Collin’s amusement, would be in order. All signed, “Bob” as to ensure maximum silliness, as some MPR staffers might wonder if Bob is sending them to himself. Silly? Oh, yes. But also fun.

    Beware the Bob postcards, Bob! Bwahahaha!

  • http://www.projectnightnight.org Jessica B.

    Project Night Night is currently receiving postcards! WE love and appreciate the kind sentiments!

  • http://www.forourgrandchildren.ca anthony ketchum et al

    wants to thanks most deeply the senders of post card underground post cards. In a discouraging if not depressing time the most encouraging comments are greatly appreciated by us all.