1,000 words: The cleanup


This is a scene being repeated all over the country today as people return to their destroyed homes to find pieces of their lives in the rubble from tornadoes.

This morning, Marta Righthouse of Marysville, Indiana was one of the people pulling out what seems to be everyone’s first choice — the family photo albums.

What with digital technology, you won’t see a scene like this a generation from now.

Other than the photos, what’s the one thing you’d want to find if this were you?

  • Cara

    My homemade recipe book. I created the book for my daughter, using recipes we both love, old family recipes and recipes that look fun and exciting cut out from magazines. Decorated it with scrapbook left overs. It represents a truckload of work and my enormous love for her.

    Now I need to create one for my other daughter!

  • John O.

    Most of my ~50,000 photos are already stored electronically redundantly. However, we still have old photos that go back into the 1800’s that are in albums. I would not dare try to remove those old photos (and a couple of daguerrotypes) and scan those.

    I’d be looking for those and a couple of other items.

    My heart breaks when I see these people looking for those family treasures in the midst of all that rubble.

  • http://www.timbornholdt.com/blog Tim

    Instead of photo albums, my generation will be pulling hard drives and laptops.

  • Jamie

    John O., you should be able to scan those old photos and daguerreotypes without hurting them. I’m not talking about a drum or feed scanner, but a flat-bed one.

  • Dave Nassano

    It’s unbelievable but a friend of mine found an old electric bill with the name George Righthouse on it. The bill is dated Oct 1, 1978. This electric bill blow over 100 miles away and we think it belongs to the lady in this photo…Marta Righthouse. Is she married to George Righthouse?

  • John O.

    @jamie That is generally true and I have used a flatbed scanner for most photos. In one case, however, I would risk major damage to the spine of one album in particular, given its size and thickness.

  • Balther Van Dierendonck

    Yesterday, Sunday, I found a picture of Bob Righthouse, taken at Christmas 1995 at the age of 80. It was found at Sharon Woods, a Hamilton County park in Sharonville, Ohio, just north of Cincinnati, I have reason to believe he was living in Marysville or New Washington, Indiana. I would like to return the picture to him or his family. If anyone knows a contact, please get in touch.

  • JimVice

    I’m a mailman in Northern Ky, and on Saturday I found an 1978 electric bill from a George T Righthouse in Dayton Kentucky.

  • Erica Thompson

    I live near Martha Righthouse and I have been in contact with her about the photo you found of Bob Righthouse. She is thrilled! If you could please contact me through email.

  • Marce Righthouse

    Hello. I am the youngest memeber of the Righthouse clan. If anyone finds anything from us I would be happy to have it mailed to me in Ohio and I can get it back to them. Without much of a post office at the moment it is difficult to mail items there. Thank you!