Today’s moment of Minnesota zen

It was a very short window of opportunity for this morning’s sunrise, of course, but — trust me — it was spectacular. Warm, tropical breezes and sleeping in? Who needs them?

Fortunately, the Duluth News Tribune captured the event on the waterfront of Lake Superior this morning.

And one image on Flickr has been posted here.

(h/t: Ben Chorn)

  • Jim Shapiro

    Bob – Personally, for geographical and lifestyle reasons, I’m more of a sunset guy.

    But I’ve never regretted seeing a sunrise, even when it meant I should have been home in bed a long time ago.

    Thanks for sharing this one.

  • This is NOT lucy

    If your a sunset guy, we had a sunset Wednesday evening that would have made you more homesick than ever before. A real socks-knocker-offer. I even rousted the kid from the back room to come take a look see.

    It appeared as though downtown St. Paul was lit up in a blazing fire. The silhouette of the setting sun peaked in and out of an orange and corral patterned quilt of clouds below it.

    Simply eye-catching.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Dear This is NOT lucy –

    I don’t wear socks. I live by the beach.

    But your description of the sunset over my once and always home was wonderful.

  • Cara

    This goes nicely with the story a while ago about Duluth, and why people live there.

  • Paul (@princejvstin)

    Yeah, I saw it from the windows at work, and cursed not having a camera handy.

  • Mike S


    Thank you. I haven’t seen a cloud in a quite a few months since I’ve been living in the Middle East, and it’s much appreciated. Keep it coming. It’s why I keep coming back. You’ve got a good sense about what’s important, but much more importantly, whats pertinent, and I look forward to it every week day. Keep doing what you’re doing.