Norman Corwin

Norman Corwin has died at 101. Public Radio fans may remember him from a series of radio programs he developed in the ’90s, but his iconic status on the media landscape goes back to the Golden Age of Radio when he wrote and directed radio dramas.

His classic, On a Note of Triumph, marked the end of World War II.

NPR profiled Corwin in a 1995 segment of its Lost and Found sound. Emblematic of how changing technology is stripping us of our history, few people will be able to hear it here, since it’s in the RealMedia format, the preferred online audio format of its day.

  • Tyler


    RealMedia was never a preferred format of anyone’s day.


  • Marianne Combs

    I have a collection of 13 radio plays by Norman Corwin on cassettes. Bought them years ago because I thought they might teach me a thing about writing for radio. They also happen to be some fine entertainment! I just recently loaned them to my husband’s grandfather after he lost his sight, thinking he might enjoy the sentimental journey. Had no idea Corwin was still alive…