Lucia, Collins, and chihuahua paws

bible_paws.jpg I don’t bother encoding and posting the daily news conversations I have with The Current’s Mary Lucia anymore. They didn’t seem to generate much interest and prevented me from leaving work early leaving on time. But there seemed to be a little Twitter chatter on the things today, so … here.

Oh, and Sara Bible has a depiction of what one of us would look like with chihuahua paws for hands. I guess you’ll have to listen to figure out why that’s important.

It’s either this or another post about the economy, folks.

  • Suzanne

    I love the 4:20 convo. between you and Mary L. Keep them coming!

  • Joanne

    As Brian Oake before you knows, radio doesn’t get better than Mary Lucia and _____ (guy). May it never end.

  • Xopher

    Wait, would the chihuahua hands be just chihuahua paws, or would the hands consist of entire chihuahuas, so that you could control the chihuahua legs and use them like fingers? And, would they have the ability to bark?

  • Suzanne

    …and those look like lab paws, by the way, which would be much more preferable to chihuahua paws.

  • Bob Collins

    //, radio doesn’t get better than Mary Lucia and _____ (guy).

    Well, umm, this should make for a very interesting rewrite of the requirements on the job description then.

  • Sam

    For whatever little it’s worth, I would love it if you’d go back to posting the audio of you and Looch regularly. I’m rarely able to listen at that exact time of day, but you and Mary are great radio, and I appreciated the chance to catch up online.

  • Bonnie

    What Sam said.

  • Vivian

    yah, I love the interaction between you and Mary.

    That combination is irreplaceable.

  • Greg W.

    I really enjoy the 4:20 news broadcast on the Current, no matter who is the host. Especially if Bob gets a chance to take a dig at Mahk Wheat about soccer.

  • Erica

    Bob, one of my favorite parts of my day is hearing you and Mary on my way home. I am truly bummed when one of you is not around and I don’t get my dose of Mary and Bob. I am always guaranteed a belly laugh or two!!