Red Sox: It gets better

The Red Sox have become just the third team in Major League Baseball — the Cubs and Giants are the others — to release a video against the bullying of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender teens.

The story is fast becoming the teams that haven’t joined the campaign as much as it is the teams that have.

The campaign was motivated in part by the suicide of Justin Aaberg of Anoka, who killed himself two weeks after the end of his freshman year in which he was bullied by other students.

  • Josh

    Good work Boston. Looking forward to seeing a Twins one next.

  • Kim E

    I’ve heard that the Twins are planning to do an ‘It Gets Better” video. I think they’re the 5th team or so to do one. It must not be ready yet, because I can’t find it online.

  • Paul Weimer (@princejvstin)

    The Yankees need to step up. Shown up by Boston, of all people…