Dayton makes a move

As far as I know, there’s no response yet from the Republican leadership to Gov. Mark Dayton’s announcement that he’s ready to accept one of the GOP’s pre-shutdown offers. But the time had clearly come for some kind of resolution: The beer supply was in jeopardy. To make sure you’ve got the latest on the story, go to the MPR News Shutdown Blog and keep your mouse on the Refresh button.

  • John P.

    I won’t be suprised if the beer thing proves to be the motivation to solve it. The possibility of running out of beer is all most of the people I work with can talk about. They are all strong Republican Tea Party types, so maybe this wil motivate the GOP.

  • jon

    not to spam the mpr comments but I said this on the shutdown page also… linked above.

    What happened to the cone of silence? Why is Dayton handling this out in the open?

  • Eric Ringham

    Jon: Well, we saw how well the cone of silence worked when they tried it. My understanding is that they dropped the cone idea when the shutdown commenced and the parties started blaming each other in public.

  • mckmn

    This is a bad deal. The Governor showed the Republicans all they have to do is keep saying no, no, no! And the DFL will cave.

    He was elected to be the anti-Pawlenty, not to continue his delusional policies.

  • catherine

    what a bad deal for our state…a political solution to a fiscal/revenue problem. i was hoping to see the ‘publicans step up with a small revenue increase, but looks like the gov is caving to their pressure. sad day in MN.

  • Matt B

    I don’t think the Governor caved at all. If you read his letter, he lays out very clearly what he thinks. While it’s true the revenue stream is not what he wanted, he is asking for a major piece of legislation: the bonding bill.

    Depending on how that is written and what projects are targeted, it could be a serious boon to infrastructure and jobs.

    Is this a great deal? No. But it is a deal and really is a remarkable bit of statesmanship on the Governor’s part. He does face the risk of his party lashing out at him, but I don’t think it’s deserved.