At Target Field, a kiss isn’t just a kiss

City Pages reports that the Minnesota Twins have given a good talking-to to a security guard who scolded a lesbian couple for a brief kiss before one headed off to the bathroom.

Taylor Campione and Kelsi Culpepper say they may file a complaint against the Twins with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. “I want a zero-tolerance harassment policy instituted at Target Field,” Culpepper tells the alt-weekly. “I think it’s pretty pathetic that there isn’t one everywhere already.”

I don’t understand what’s wrong with kissing my girlfriend,” Culpepper told the man.

After some argument, the guard repeated his comment about not “playing grab ass.”

“Then he said, ‘Well here in the stadium, we adhere to the 10 Commandments,'” recalls Culpepper. “After that, I decided I was no longer going to speak with him, and I asked for his manager.”

A Twins official says the guard’s behavior was inappropriate. He still works for the team.

Baseball, which has tried to court the gay community, has often simultaneously turned it away. In Seattle a few years ago, a kissing couple was thrown out of the stadium.

Baseball teams often have “Kiss Cams,” but there’s no indication a kissing gay couple has ever been shown.

Coincidentally, City Pages also reports the Twins are considering making an “It Gets Better” video along the lines of the one released a couple of weeks ago by the San Francisco Giants.