Your electronic footprint (5×8 – 5/27/11)

Should government stay out of your smartphone; ready, set, help; why the low turnout at Killebrew’s celebration; self defense or murder; and were voters hoodwinked on Legacy Amendment?


Should the government have access to your geolocation data that is sent out by your GPS or cellphone? Officials don’t really know how to classify this data. Is the collection of the data subject to the Fourth Amendment? Or can the government snatch it up as it pleases? Two congressmen are filing legislation to require a warrant.

“It gets at some of the core concerns that people have, that my cellphone is also a portable tracking device that can be used by law enforcement or companies or anybody that wants to know where I am,” a lobbyist for the ACLU says.

But, some proponents of tracking might argue, if you haven’t done anything wrong, what are you worried about?

Wired’s Danger Room has the details.