The week-in-revew quiz


It’s been a very busy week in the news business. Let’s see how much you were able to absorb. Post your score in the comments section below and then provide your commentary on a news item that interested you most this week.

  • Snyder

    10 out of 15 for me. I think that’s actually better than normal. :-)

  • andy

    9-15. I’ve done better, and also worse.

  • MR

    12. Not a bad week.

  • bsimon


    worst performance ever

  • Cara

    12 out of 15! My best showing yet.

  • JackU

    13 of 15! And I didn’t think I had paid enough attention this week. 😉

  • Sam

    12. Should’ve been higher, but I collapsed like the Wild down the stretch.

  • Suzanne

    6. Ugh, it’s the snow.

  • Krista

    I got the plate…but I think the nail decals would be more fun and useful.

  • Al

    Looks like we’ll have a collection of plates at our house. My best score ever, but using nearly all of the hints almost seems like cheating.

  • LK

    Ocho. Sigh.

  • BJ

    Hints. Who needs hints. I guess I do. 3