Lottery losers

Is there anything that can kill a friendship quicker than a winning lottery ticket?

Seven co-workers pooled their money and won more than $300 million in the lottery. They each threw $2 into the pot. But “Mike,” who usually buys in, passed this time.

Mike tells ABC News he’s not upset. Mike is probably lying.

  • bsimon

    “Mike tells ABC News he’s not upset. Mike is probably lying.”

    Indeed. Where I work the motivation is that you don’t want to be in that 15% of the office that doesn’t get to quit.

  • Noelle

    He’s probably kicking himself in the teeth right now for not chipping in his $2. For fear of becoming “Mike” when we do our office pool, I always scrounge up my money, even if it’s in the form of nickels and dimes.

    When we don’t even get the Powerball with 25 tickets, it shows you how bad the odds really are.

  • Mark Gisleson

    Actually, Mike has said that he has a really good job and isn’t likely to ever get laid off, and that he’d be a jerk to complain about a lottery ticket when having a good paying job in this economy is like being a lottery winner all by itself.

    If your hopes for happiness rely on winning the lottery, Mike’s way, way, way up on you.