Caption contest: The duck

If it snows like winter, is it winter? Spied outside News Cut’s Woodbury bureau. Caption it:



  • jon

    some migratory animals are just dumb.

  • gml4

    Congratulations, you’ve won me as pet for the day! Now let me in Bob or else you’ll be hearing me quacking at your bedroom window all summer long at 4AM sharp!

  • David

    Snow? I must be quacking up.

  • Paul (@princejvstin)

    “I *knew* that I should have made a left turn at Albuquerque”

  • Bismuth

    Snow in April? That’s a motherducker.

  • andy

    “To heck with this, I’m moving to Hollywood. I wonder if Aflac is still hiring……”

  • Noelle

    How long was I sleeping?!

  • Nathan

    What the duck?

  • The Big Dog

    I can’t believe I flew through a storm just for the “Mauer Shake”.

  • Jim Shapiro

    “C’mon, Bob. Use some of that exorbitant salary that you get from that socialist public media job and feed me.” 🙂

  • Dan


  • JackU

    Now where did I put that nest….

    Maybe over here?

  • Tyler

    “I thought the ice was out…?”

  • Arid Loon

    I only turned around once. Of all the days to fall in love with a swan.

  • Drae

    “Do not panic! This is only a test. Had this been the actual Armageddon, this snow would have been followed by a Vikings world championship…”