A class goodbye

What the staff at KARE 11 did for their long-time boss yesterday was astounding, at least for the normally bunker-mentality world of the media.

KARE 11 fired Tom Lindner this week, where he’d been the news boss since the early ’90s. What was astounding is the station’s news department didn’t treat the story like it didn’t exist, and produced this piece which — intentionally or not — leaves the viewer wondering how the firing makes the station somehow better off.

(h/t: @jenyoung18)

  • Bob Moffitt

    That’s a nice tribute. I’ve spoken with Tom a couple times on the phone, but never met him in the flesh.

  • John P.

    “wondering how the firing makes the station somehow better off.”

    I keep hearing stories that suggest experience is not valued much any more.

  • http://bakkenphoto.blogspot.com Noelle

    Very nice tribute indeed.

    Kare 11 is the only local station I watch in the morning before I go to work. The news always seems much less sensationalized there than on other stations. Hopefully change in leadership at the station doesn’t change the way they present the news.

  • tboom

    Mr. Lindner seems to be respected by his staff and management acknowledged the news room is in good shape.

    I can only conclude, either there is some scandal brewing or he has failed to make changes management has demanded. From what I’ve heard, I doubt the scandal angle. I speculate that over time Mr. Lindner has questioned upper management decisions and they’ve decided to reduce resistance. Look for more marketing, less news and a cheaper news department.

    Just speculating.