Icons: The vanishing general store

monterey.jpg It was nice this week to get a few suggestions from the News Cut faithful for small town cafes that are still operating in Minnesota. That came after a short blurb on 5×8 about the cafes that are closing in our region, thanks to — mostly — big chains and the tough economic times.

There’s another “disappearing America” item, however, that reached the World Headquarters of News Cut today. The nation’s oldest general store is closing.

It’s located in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts. The Monterey General Store, in a town of ex-hippies and New York hipsters and refugees, will close next month after 225 years. It is, err, was one of those places where you could stop in, pick up a bagel and some coffee, the local paper, a few supplies, oh, and a jam session.

All of which gives me more ideas for a News Cut road trip series. Point me in the direction of a similar locale in Minnesota.