The week-in-review quiz


We don’t necessarily envy you this week. There was a lot of news taking place from the far side of the planet to the house next door. Give it your best shot and be sure to report your score in the comments section. While there, feel free come up with some haiku to describe your week.

  • Derek


    Maybe I’m not as naive as I thought

  • Heather

    You’ve got me beat, Derek! 5/15, no hints.

  • Jim Hart

    Bob, I’m going to call foul on the Block E question. The “correct” answer actually changed ownership at some point, so while it’s still operational, it’s actually a different business. I should at least get an asterisk on my incorrect answer there… 🙂

  • Bob Collins

    The Secret Council of the News Cut Quiz has held a meeting on this point. It has voted to send Wisconsin State Troopers to your home.

    However, the Council voted to change the correct answer because it has a strong aversion to seeing men cry.

  • davidz

    12 for me this week. Thanks Bob; I can imagine that these can be tough to put together. I appreciate it when you do.

  • Sam

    10, with one hint. Thought I was better than that. Here’s my haiku:

    Water cooler talk

    is much more fun in weeks when

    no one’s busting unions.

  • Noelle

    7/15, no hints. I’ve been paying too much attention to WI this week, and not enough elsewhere.

  • bsimon

    9. I can’t remember the last time I scored differently.

  • fasolamatt

    Eight. I’m somewhat embarrassed.

  • andy

    12. A solid recovery after a rocky start (a few lucky guesses in there too)

    Have a nice week off Bob!

  • Eric

    When did AMC Theaters close?

  • Jamie

    I got 14 with a few hints. But the one I got wrong — about the Timberwolves player who was traded away — I don’t understand the answer. The article said that Corey Brewer (?) was traded TO the Timberwolves, not traded AWAY. I read the question a few times and just could not see how I was wrong in not choosing Brewer’s name.

  • Jamie

    INcidentally, what’s up with the picture of Paul Lynde? Did you just want an apropo center-square photo?

  • Jim S


    Some were total guesses though, not being from the Twin Cities. Would’ve had 13 except I blew the shuttle Q.

  • Bob Collins

    //When did AMC Theaters close?

    Apparently, AMC was not the original owner. I’m rewriting.,

  • bj

    7 – had a run going then hit pop/sports questions.

  • Rtheny

    I will not write a Haiku

    They are no fun to do

    Limericks are underrated

    The style is never dated

    So I submit this in lieu

  • Jamie

    Great poems!

  • Bonnie

    This quiz was not fun

    Newscut trips us with his style

    Cannot brag tonight.

    Emails never end

    Cannot finish all the work

    I will try again.

  • Jennifer

    11/15 No hints

  • Josh D.

    Only got 7, tough one. A couple lucky guesses got me that far…

  • LK


    I stopped paying attention to the T-Wolves so long ago that I had no idea that C.B. had been the longest-tenured. Didn’t we just draft him a few years ago?

  • Al

    10 of 15 (no hints). Can my darling week beat me this week? Probably, but then she always uses the hints.

  • Al

    10 of 15 (no hints). Can my darling wife beat me the week? Probably, but she’ll use the hints.

  • beat week

    oh snap, al-I bet you are wishing that news cut had a delete button after that typo

  • Jamie

    Will somebody please explain to me the Timberwolves question??

  • Bob Collins

    Check the date on the article.