The Quiz: Beat the blogger


I test out all of these questions on my cubicle neighbors. It sounds suspiciously like ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!’ because the fun is the process by which you come up with the answer. Gather the family around!

  • Kim E

    11/15!! I’ve never done so well on a “News Cut” Quiz! So, either this one was extra-easy, or I’m paying more attention to the news!

  • Minn Whaler

    12/15 WOW I must’ve been awake this week! Best score ever and I didn’t even have to cheat!

  • davidz

    10/15, and I spent most of the week at a cabin with no paper or radio. Can’t complain.

  • Bob Collins

    You people with your fancy scores are bumming me out, you know.

  • Bonnie

    Well, Bob, I will cheer you up. 8. I never review the week and I never do hints. So you are still doing just fine. I think my best alltime score is a 9. I see myself as “everyman” so don’t change a thing.

  • Dave

    10. Not my best, not my worst.

  • Mark Gisleson

    9/15. Because reading eight newspapers every morning simply does not prepare you for Bob’s News Quiz!

    (Remembering half of what I read would probably also help)

  • Al

    9/15. I wish my boss wouldn’t give me so much work. Doesn’t he know I have more important things to do like reading News Cut?

  • LK


  • JackU

    12/15 – Didn’t use any hints, unless you count the illustrations. (I recognized Red Wing when that was going to be a flat out guess.)

  • Jeff

    12/15 – I felt unplugged last week, so this made my day (I know, I’m easy…)