Northfield flooding

This short documentary on the Cannon River flooding in Northfield was posted yesterday on YouTube. It was shot on Friday and has some unbelievable shots in it:

Today, I’m flying down the Minnesota River toward New Ulm, across to Mankato and then Northfield, Cannon Falls, Red Wing and up the Mississippi. I’ll post some images on tomorrow morning’s 5X8.

(h/t: KYMN Radio)

  • Jeanne

    Bob, this video footage is amazing. I lived in that area for a time and recognize many of the locations which are normally on dry land. This flooding is mind boggling. I have one question after viewing this: Are there concerns of damage sustained by structures, specifically bridges, given the velocity of the water?

  • Tim Freeland

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for posting my video Bob. I appreciate your kind words on my shots.

    To answer Jeanne’s question, they have people in the area prepared to survey the bridges and structures in contact with the raging waters to determine the state of any structural damage. Right now the waters are still too high to know.

    Tim Freeland

    KYMN Radio.

  • Nancy

    I used to live in Northfield. Is some of this footage down by the Jesse Jamescafe?