Five by 8 – 5/27/10: Blood on the iPad

1) Does it matter to you how the products you love get made? iPad users and potential customers are faced with a growing ethical dilemma. Apple customers historically have tended to be more concerned about social justice; they change their avatar colors on Twitter in protest of human rights abuses in Iran, and boycott BP because of the oil disaster (a boycott that likely won’t work, Jason Derusha reports). The Independent reports that there’s blood on the iPad. The company in China which makes the iPad has even set up suicide nets to keep people from jumping out of the buildings:

All the incidents involved workers aged under 25, who apparently have been disturbed by the long shifts and strict discipline. Talking and music are banned during shifts, which last at least 10 hours. Workers must perform a certain number of repetitive operations per shift, under the eye of allegedly harsh military-style supervisors.

Yesterday, company officials gave journalists a tour of the plant to show how happy everybody is there. Hours later, another worker committed suicide.

  • what about

    Foxconn also makes products for Dell; it would be dishonest to suggest this is only Apple’s problem.

    This is part of a broader problem and at least this news may help people become aware of just how their gadgets are sourced and the true cost of these products.

  • JackU

    Once again a News Cut poll without a choice I can select. In this case I would have preferred one more choice: I have no interest in an iPad.

  • Paul W

    That Volcano and stars movie is certainly pretty.

    Re: Silence. Silence is scary.

    The quietest place I ever found was in the Badlands of South Dakota, at night. It was also the best place for stargazing I ever found…but the silence was so overwhelming that I made noise just to hear something…

  • Bob Collins

    On my wife’s and my trip to the SW in March, we stopped the car on a road and got out to listen to the silence (there’s a picture on my private blog). It was great, except my constant ringing in the left ear reminded me I’ll never “hear” actual silence again.

  • Momkat

    The weather caller is both hilarious and disgusting at the same time. Could she be any more self-absorbed?

  • Ed P

    “Blood on the iPad”

    Too cute Bob.