Lindsey Vonn (redacted)

Following up a post from yesterday.

Lindsey Vonn may have won a medal today… or she may have skied off the course. MPR announced the story on its news station and, we’re told, there were immediately four complaints.

And now the news.

Lindsey Vonn is “Vail’s Lindsey Vonn,” according to the newspaper there.


Meanwhile, Vonn must be a superstar. She’s getting “the treatment” from no less than The Onion.

Childhood: Grew up in Minnesota, so there is a good chance she is a joyless judgmental jerk behind her smiling facade

Preferred Hill Direction: Down

Ideal Knee Position: Slightly Bent

Worst Knee Position: Frayed tendons hanging from nearby sapling

Marital Status: Wed fellow skier Thomas Vonn in an outdoor ceremony presided over by a snowman dressed as Parson Brown

Here’s today’s Fresh Eye on the Radio with The Current’s Mary Lucia, and a sample of what a story sounds like when we don’t want to spoil anything by telling you the news.

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  • Matt H

    This is just a poke in Blau’s eye, eh? A little tacky

  • Matt H

    By Blau, I meant Brau, as in Brau-Blog, as in David Brauer

  • lindsey vonnegut

    living in minnesota, USA, we are blessed to receive way more locally and nationally biased coverage of lindsey vonn than anyone would ever need. win or lose, vail or minnesota, it will be nice when people start covering other olympic stories and i won’t have to hear about lindsey vonn.

  • Joel

    A complaint with more validity would be watching a supposedly live video feed of a curling match and having the final score posted at the top of the site just as the German skip started to slide out for her final shot…

  • Bob Collins

    //This is just a poke in Blau’s eye, eh? A little tacky

    I don’t know why you’d say that. I wrote about the “issue” yesterday before David did. And he and I sparred about it — good naturedly — via Twitter.

    Besides, this “complaint” has been going on for dozens of years, now, long before there was a News Cut or a Brau Blog or a Lindsey Vonn for that matter.

    Everybody stay classy.

  • David Brauer

    No offense taken. Bob is like a God to me. An occasionally vengeful God, but still.

  • gary

    aren’t all gods such?

  • Matt H

    Sorry, “tacky” was probably not the word I was looking for, at least not in print where tone is hard to communicate. Mostly I just commenting that it seems the twitter discussion has no been brought to NewsCut in a sideways manner. It was meant to be more humorous that accusatory, but reading it again, doesn’t look that way.