The Champlin Cougar video

While a cougar sighting is not entirely uncommon in Minnesota, actually having a no-doubt-about-it sighting with undeniable video is a very rare occurrence.

It’s caused quite a stir in the northern Twin Cities suburb of Champlin, where a police officer caught the elusive cat on his squad car’s dash cam.

OK, scouts… what should you do if you encounter a cougar?

An encounter would be extremely rare in Minnesota. Cougars hunt by stalking and attacking from ambush and if encountered should be faced. Recommended actions include making yourself appear large by holding your arms above your head, waving a hat or jacket, talking loudly and firmly, and throwing rocks or sticks at the animal to chase it away. If actually attacked, hit the animal in the face and head with anything handy. Don’t run, crouch or lay down. Try and stay above the animal, give the animal a clear escape route, etc.

By the way, the DNR estimates the cougar weighs 200 pounds.

  • anon

    I was hoping for a different kind of video….

  • BJ

    @anon – LOL!!!

  • Josh

    OH MY GOSH! A Cougar this close to the City! Better shoot it like every other animal that gets too close…

  • GregS

    A cougar has also been sighted in Eagan. The police reported finding large cat scat on their shooting range.

  • Bill from Champlin

    We have been sighting cougar for years in the norther half of the state. Why does the DNR not want to admit there is a breeding population of cougar in Minnesota? There is much the DNR does not know because they do not want to allocate the resources to investigate. The cougar hit by a car in Bemidji was deffinately not someones pet. They need to hire an expert on cougars to regain their credibility.

  • gimmeskin


    i wanna cougar skin coat for christmas! maybe target will start fashioning them! maybe target will make rugs out of them to hide more garbage under…oh the possiblities for money making.

  • John

    I’m pretty sure the “What to do if you are attacked” advice would pretty much vanish from my head if I were actually attacked.

    It sounds pretty much like the advice for what to do in a bear encounter, so I hope those habits will hold me in good stead.

  • John

    Just the thing to keep the excess metro deer population in check.

  • rugburn

    //Just the thing to keep the excess metro deer population in check.

    or to keep John in check

  • Travis

    We saw a couple of younger cougars a number of years ago in our horse pasture. Confirmed the tracks. Those things can get big!