Coming soon: Internet birth

A Minneapolis woman is planning to give birth live on the Internet.

“Lynsee” has been documenting her pregnancy on the Web site, a partner site of KARE 11.

As described in the Boston Globe:

“We wanted to document the pregnancy and create a one-of-a-kind memento for our baby to have forever,” Lynsee told the website’s partner KARE-TV 11, which is also following her pregnancy (she requested that I not publish her last name, for privacy reasons). “You’ll be at some of the doctor’s appointments… You’ll be there in the delivery room, tastefully, but you will be there.”

One question. Why?

“Cindy Chapman (the site manager for put up a post on the site asking if anyone was pregnant,” she told the Globe. “I emailed her right away and she filled me in on the project, I talked with my husband and we were excited about it!”

This one’s for couples who have kids. Would you broadcast it over the Internet?

  • Alison

    No, No, No! Leave me alone! Why would I want you there? Have we sense of privacy and boundaries any more? Some things aren’t meant for public consumption.

  • kennedy

    No. I was uncomfortable enough with the pack of interns attending.

  • mom

    No one said that you had to submit, Alison, (unless you think there will be hidden cameras in the birthroom). I think if you state you do not want an audience there won’t be any. I would be one to agree with you on respecting other people privacy.

    I don’t know that I feel that I have missed out on anything not knowing what I looked like coming out of the shoot.

    If you have experienced childbirth you would know that video, photo or audio just doesn’t capture the actual event. Nothing does other than the first hand experience.

    I have photos of my sons childbirth, (which he finds horrifying). They have been of interest only to Mom and Dad.

  • Alison

    I know, mom. I was trying to convey my initial reaction to reading this.

  • Amy

    My advice on childbirth:

    “Nothing ever goes as planned”

    Having said that, more power to her, I will not be watching 🙂

  • Momkat

    Having a little trouble resolving her request not to have her last name published to protect her privacy with her plan to give birth on the net.

  • John P.

    I felt like the birth of my children was an intensely private moment, just between the three of us. It has nothing to do with embarasment, and everything to do with bondng as a new family.

    I tried not to use the word spiritual here, but that’s what it was. The rest of the world was not invited.

  • Chuck Olsen

    While not nearly the equivalent event, we chose to have our wedding streamed live on the internet to a semi-public audience, mostly for our “internet friends” and some family that couldn’t attend in person. Everyone has different boundaries.

    I think private moments can be absolutely fascinating and educational when shared in a respectful manner, both for the audience and the willing participant.

  • mom

    @ Chuck-

    While a wedding on live video is one thing, I think that the above responses to live birth conclude that some things should be left private.

    I think your key words are WILLING