Happy honeymoon, folks

This morning, I’m wondering if Kevin and Jill Heinz, the couple from the wedding dance video (don’t pretend you don’t know who I’m talking about), are feeling a bit overexposed.

The New York Post reports that the couple was booted from their hotel room and had their plane tickets canceled by producers at ABC, once those producers found out the couple was also appearing on NBC’s “Today” show.

According to the Post, ABC had paid for the couple to fly to New York to appear on “Good Morning America.” At the same time, NBC was arranging for them to perform the now-famous dance routine live, and had made arrangements to fly in the rest of the wedding party. Not only that, but NBC aired their live segment before the couple’s appearance on ABC.

Even more remarkable than the speed at which the initial video caught on (it’s now been viewed more than 8 million times) is the speed at which this heartwarming, genuine moment has become cynically exploited as a commercial commodity. Take a look at the recreation from the “Today” show. Am I the only one who feels something has been lost here?

Any guesses where this goes next?

Update: One possible answer to that question: Australia. Web producer Nate Minor reports that a TV station from Sydney called him this morning for the couple’s contact information (a request he of course politely declined).

  • Russ

    You aren’t the only one that feels like something was lost…the next place this goes is the 24 hour news channels for a week, then these people will get offers to go on dancing with the stars, or something else like that. reality tv show opportunites next. It saddens me that with everything going on in the world, this becomes the most popular thing and sucks the time and energy into covering real stories, like Dafur, Iraq, Afganistan, Lebanon, Iran, hell even the Health Care debate so that we the public can understand what is going on. I don’t doubt that this couples wedding/dance were sincere however this is too much. Let the internet do it’s thing and be the place for viral videos not network TV. However maybe this is why I (along with countless others) no longer watch network TV, or TV news. I watched the video on Youtube on Friday and got a kick out of it, but that was it, done. I think this is network TV, and TV news solution to getting involved in Twitter and trying to stay current. They lost it somewhere, thank god Walter Cronkite is dead, for he is turning over in his grave right now. Rant done!

  • chad

    Who cares?

  • http://mprnewsq.org Nate, the intern

    “Any guesses where this goes next?”

    Australia. A TV station there called the newsroom this morning and wanted their contact info.

  • http://justacoolcat.blogspot.com David

    Too bad it’s not an election year. I’d really like to hear what Kevin the Dancer has to say about politics.

  • Noelle

    What a waste of money, time and effort to broadcast this young couple all over the globe. So they had a wedding ceremony that was out of the ordinary, who cares?? Plenty of people have even kookier weddings, and those haven’t clogged up news broadcasts. I agree with Russ and Chad – let’s use the time and money to report news that actually matters.

  • http://wcco.com/jasonblog Jason DeRusha

    Before everyone gets too sanctimonious, It’s not like more serious news was bumped from the Saturday Today Show. Perhaps this replaced a cooking segment. Or a back-to-school fashion segment.

  • jj

    How does Jason DeRusha know that more serious news was not bumped? Is he a producer at the Today Show? Good questions.

  • clampers


  • bob

    I. Don’t. Care.

    Nothing has been lost.

    A shining example of our hollow culture/media mindlessness.

  • Dr Phil

    clearly all of the posters here can’t be THAT angry with the wedding video.

    I think what you all should do is ask yourself why this makes you angry. What is it about this video that REALLY makes you angry.

    The healing will begin from there.

  • Steve

    Perhaps an overwhelming response to a video which wonderfully displays the essence of joy, celebration and love in a marriage isn’t a reflection of a shallow society. It isn’t some sex video or some guy getting hit in the nuts for heavens sake. It seemed to me that this video struck a chord because it was so incredibly geniune as was the support their friends/family showed for joining them in thier dance. As for the media outlets that have capitalized on the couples creativitey….people like happy stories and this is certainly one. Altough there are more “important” stories to report on, I even heard NPR interviewed the mother of the bride. This isn’t the last time we are going to see a video go from the web to TV.

    And if it were an election year I’m sure both the bride and groom would have political comments, rumor has it the bride is getting a PHD in psych and the groom is in law school.

  • Minn Whaler

    For those who don’t find this newsworthy.. you are probably right. Then again toomuch all straight news is depressing as all get out and who couldn’t use a smile.

    Did the media get carried away… absolutley, but I find this much more enjoyable than the Michael Jackson coverage, etc.

    So they get their 15 minutes of fame. this isn’t nearly the first time News wasn’t “News”, but it certainly gives life a different perspective: Economy-BAD, Healthcare-CRISIS, War-DON’T GET ME STARTED.

    Love, joy??? need some? watch the original video.

  • Steve Barclay

    Heart felt experience recorded by family:

    Shared publically in an open forum:

    Combined joyful public response:

    Experience exploited further out of desire to connect:

    Public forum expanded;major media coverage:


    Public rejection:




  • c

    …………i liked it. : )