The Quiz is back!

Please be sure to let us know how you did (via the comments section below).

  • vtuss

    14 of 16 — with a few uses of the hint option.

  • Sam

    Ugh – 8/16. But I didn’t use any hints…

  • jenel

    8/16 — but at least I didn’t Boone it! Not easy!

  • bobbydole

    only 8! I should really pay attention to the questions.

  • Krista

    I’m not overly proud of my 12/16 score. I am VERY proud that I got the marathon question right AFTER filling the back of an old envelope with every bit of math that I learned in the last millenium. At least I know WHERE I will use that math I had to learn in the 9th grade!

    Great quiz, Bob, once again.

  • Tricia

    5/16–Yep, I was in a cave all week!

  • Bob Collins

    “At least I didn’t Boone it!”

    See THAT — as Jason DeRusha might say — is solid gold comedy, right there.

  • Bonnie

    9 right including one hint ( the last question). I grew up in Fairmont, MN, how could I not know there were German POW’s housed there?

  • Joshua

    Kick IT! 13 of 16. By far my best score ever. Guess I’d better get back to work. Truth is I had at least 4 lucky guesses….

  • BJ

    10, can’t believe duluth didn’t have that on books before…

  • Minn Whaler

    7/16, but have been ignoring news this week after the unallotment announcements. I’m depressed enough.

  • Duke Powell

    12/16 No Hints. Missed one that I knew the right answer for but hit the wrong button.

    Great quiz BTW

  • Anna

    In the Richard Nixon range. I am not a crook. Nor did I take any hints (and just like taking the GRE – I totally guessed on the math).

    Thanks for having the quiz back – I missed it!

  • bob

    11 out of 16 — about as smart as a fifth grader…

  • scottk

    8/16, some were tricky

  • Rick

    9 out of 16. I got one of them right only because I am a Latin teacher.

  • LK


    How could I be so foolish and talk myself out of the “all of the above” answer?

  • Tyler Moody Suter

    12/16 and didn’t use a single hint – point of greater pride: 4/4 when guessing!

  • John

    9 right. I know the big brush strokes but salient details often escape me.

  • G-man

    Yikes! 7 of 16. I need to study more. It’s good to see the quiz back.

  • Joanna

    8/16 no use of hints, math or search engines.

  • bsimon

    9/16. Tricky, indeed.

  • Al

    9/16. The question about the traffic lights – I’m sure it could save more than 10 – 15% if the lights in Fridley and Blaine weren’t timed to change every 4 or 5 minutes. You learn to turn off the car at a red, bring a magazine, and hope for no emergency vehicles to reset the timer clock.

  • Katie Nadeau

    Hey! Richard Nixon?! I’m a little less impressed with a 12/16 now.