Why do we love sports?

Tomorrow morning I’ll be live blogging an hour of Midmorning on the nature of being a sports fan.

I know what you’re thinking: Stupid fat men sitting on the couch with a remote, distant from their families and obsessed with their favorite team. And I’m here to deny it — at least the part about being distant from the family.

But what if it’s more than that? What if it’s us looking for a community of our own? Or what if it’s the main tool we have to bridge generations?

Fan free-agent John Moe is hosting and I’ll be passing along your analysis and excuses. So post them below.

Guests are:

Chuck Klosterman: Journalist and author. His most recent novel is “Downtown Owl.”

Jonah Keri: Sports and business writer. He is co-author of “Baseball Between the Numbers” and is currently working on a book about the Tampa Bay Rays.

Todd Wilkinson: Associate professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

We tried for Bill Simmons, everyone’s favorite sportswriter these days, but had no luck. He didn’t return our calls or e-mails. He’s a sports fan and, well, you know how they are.